Our purpose 

Pearce Financial Planning is committed to enriching the lives of our clients by providing them with cutting edge financial planning solutions that will help them achieve security, wealth and financial independence. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Financial Coaching and Planning
  • Pensions
  • Investment
  • Life Cover
  • Critical Illness

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Lifestyle Financial Planning




Lifestyle Financial Planning Lifestyle Financial Planning shifts the focus from product sales and commission to a fee based service, thus creating a trusting advisory relationship where the focus is on you and your personal, business and life goals rather than just your money.Many people now expect to live to a greater age than their parents and to enjoy a standard of living undreamed of in earlier times.

In practice, this will be possible only if they have arranged their affairs so that they will be financially independent and able to afford not only their desired lifestyle but also the cost of suitable care if health problems arise. Financial Advisors in Dublin

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